An important aspect and consideration in having your property managed is cost.

In deciding on a pricing strategy, we understood the importance of making pricing simple and transparent. Below is a list of expenses a property owner will incur:

Leasing Fee

Leasing Fee is 40% of the monthly rental rate, with a maximum charged of $850.

This fee covers costs associated with finding and selecting a new tenant including online marketing, screening of potential tenants, move-in condition report, lease signing and more.

Monthly Management Fees

Single Family Homes
Multi-Family 5+ Units
Price is to be negotiated

This fee covers regular monthly management including rent collection, management of work orders, owner disbursements, financial statements, accounting documents and direct correspondence with the tenant 24/7.

Property Inspection Report

Annual Property Inspection Report

Multi-Family 4+ Units
$75 per unit
$50 per unit

We can perform this inspection report annually or bi-annually. We use a cloud-based ipad application that allows us to perform interior and exterior inspection of each property and detail any lease or code violations, safety hazards or needed repairs.

Lease Renewal Fee

Lease Renewal Fee is $75.00

This fee consists of a market analysis, to determine whether rental rates have increased or remained unchanged and preparation of a new lease extension if both owner and tenant agree to the new lease.

What We Don’t Charge

We do not charge for these common services that may be extra at some other property management companies:

  • Set-Up Fee for New Accounts
  • Notices – if a tenant is not in compliance with the terms of their lease, we will process and deliver all legal notice as prescribed by California tenant law
  • Bill Payment Fee – to pay monthly recurring bills
  • Maintenance & Repair Fee – for handling the maintenance of your property – the vendor bill is the actual price with nothing added.
  • Eviction fee – to coordinate an eviction or appear in court on your behalf – the only cost is the actual cost for the attorney handling the eviction.
  • Vacancy Make Ready – to coordinate such things as painting, carpet replacement or minor renovations to get the property rent ready.
  • Cancellation fee – if you need to cancel service, all we require is a 30-day written notice.

If you have any questions regarding the property management fees associated with managing your property, please contact us at (916) 988-5357.

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